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university of california board of regents: student housing crisis


Specialized: University of California Board of Regents, 2023

Background guide available now. SBIMUN XIV will not be collecting position papers from delegates.


290,000 students. 227,000 faculty and staff. $47.1 billion. The 26-member Board of Regents governs over the 10-campus University of California system, one of the best public university networks in the world. However in recent years, the UC has been plagued by issues of housing accessibility and affordability. Housing insecurity rates have increased among undergraduates systemwide. UC Santa Cruz students were forced to live in their cars and a lawsuit by Save Berkeley’s Neighborhoods almost forced UC Berkeley to admit thousands of fewer students to their freshmen class. This committee will also focus on the Munger Hall project at UC Santa Barbara, a proposed student dormitory capable of housing 3,500 students in mostly windowless bedrooms. The project, dubbed “Dormzilla” by some, has been criticized for its high population density and impact on students’ mental health. Given these challenges, the Board of Regents must chart a course forward to ensure a successful vision for all. 


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