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I know what you are 


Crisis: Twilight: I Know What You Are

Background guide coming soon. SBIMUN XV will not be collecting position papers from delegates.


In the sleepy town of Forks, Washington, even seeing the sun is considered a novelty. Unbeknownst to the human residents of Forks, this is the perfect environment for non-humans to thrive– a haven for vampires and shapeshifters. However, even the sleepiest of towns will experience change whether it's wanted or not. Seemingly out of nowhere, the appearance of a mysterious plant with potent abilities threatens to shake the tentative balance between humans, vampires, and shapeshifters alike. A strong panacea for non-humans, yet an invasive disaster for humans; interests clash in a fight where there can only be one winner. Grappling for control over resources has always been the origin of strife both in ancient and modern times. With so many species fighting for control, who will be the final apex predator at the end of it all? 


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