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star wars: strategic council for the execution of order 66


Crisis: Star Wars: Strategic Council for the Execution of Order 66

Background guide available now. SBIMUN XIV will not be collecting position papers from delegates.


Darkness falls upon the galaxy. The once vaunted Jedi Order has been exposed by the Supreme Chancellor as being a subversive force bent upon killing the galactic leader. Palpatine, now having deemed himself the Emperor of the Galaxy, sends a hologram to all units of the Grand Army of the Republic - “Execute Order 66.” The officers and soldiers of the Clone Army must now bring these traitors to justice by ending them once and for all. A quick task force has been set up in a Venator-class Republic Cruiser circling the capital planet Coruscant; and various trusted politicians, officers, and soldiers from assorted units are being consulted via hologram. This committee must quickly work together to come up with the plans of action to apprehend all the members of the mighty Jedi before it is too late and the traitorous warriors run into hiding.


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